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Thank you to the Brandt Family for flying in to pick up your 2016 Ford Transit 350 XLT Medium Roof Height Luxury Van. Enjoy your summer road trip exploring and camping your way back home!
-Enterprise Van Sales Team

Running Boards on Ford Transit 150 Mid Roof Passen

Many of our clients use passenger vans for transporting people from young children to seniors. One of the concerns that comes up is that stepping in and out of the van can be challenging. The running board that is offered from the Ford factory is ok, but if you are looking for something that provides a larger step with better traction consider upgrading to a larger aftermarket running board. We offer to install larger running boards that provides a higher level of safety when exiting and entering the van. Take a look at these pictures of one of our recent installations.

Adding Bluetooth and rear camera to the Ford Trans

The 2015 Ford Transit XLT did not come with Bluetooth or rear view camera. We have a great solution to this problem. We can swap out the basic Ford factory radio with a 6" touch screen that includes, rear camera, Bluetooth, and the ability to play DVD's for your rear entertainment system. This equipment upgrade comes out looking great and functioning even better. Take a look at these photos of one of our recent installations.

Executive Car Service

The Lincoln Town Car has been a staple of many livery fleet services for decades. The spacious cabin area, roomy and sleek interior along with a smooth comfortable ride with an average price point of $50,000 made it the perfect vehicle for many transportation services. In 2011, Lincoln ended production of their Town Car. As fleets age and miles add up on current fleets, owners and operators of transportation services have been looking for a replacement. Although there will never be another Town Car, Enterprise has another very attractive alternative. 

If you run a livery service and are considering what to purchase next, our custom luxury version of the Ford Transit might be a great option for you.  At Enterprise Van Sales, our "first class" seating interiors offers the look and feel of a high end luxury vehicle that your customers demand while giving you the luggage space you need, with prices starting under $40k. We talk with many livery and limousine operators that have Mercedes Sprinters, Cadillac Escalades and Town Cars. While these vehicles are great options, they do come at a high cost and Town Cars are slowly fading away to be a vehicle of the past. Our Ford Transit is not only a budget friendly purchase but also ready for operations the day it leaves our lot. It is also low cost to maintain as the years and miles add up. If you would like more details on our luxury van options, please contact us at our sales office (877) 826-4725 

Used 15 passenger vans

Enterprise Van Sales has late model vans that are well maintained and in great condition. If you are searching for a used full size passenger van but not sure exactly what you are looking for, let our knowledgeable sales team use our expertise to help you navigate through your choices. Here at Enterprise Van Sales, we sell nothing but large passenger vans with lots of different seating options, so we know these vans very well. Please give us a call (877) 826-4725 and let us help guide you through the selection and purchase process.

Luxury Seating

If you run a livery service and are looking for a passenger van with a custom luxury seating option, then you have come to the right place. These customized vans are a great alternative to a SUV or traditional limousines. At Enterprise Van Sales, we sell Ford Transit Vans with 22" wide individual captain seats that give your clientele an outstanding experience. Our vans offer a refined executive feel similar to first-class airline seating. Best of all, we sell these custom vans on a budget that is typically half the cost of any other customized large passenger van on the market. Give us a call to get more details.

Used 15 Passenger Van - Church Vans

Are you looking for a great value on a used van for your Church? We have helped many congregations find a used Church Van that helps them with picking up their parishioners. Our vans have unique seating options that allow for easy access and individual seating.  Buying a used van from Enterprise Van Sales gives you piece of mind and value while keeping you on budget.

Back Up Camera

Passenger vans can be challenging to back-up due to their size. One way to ease this challenge is with a back-up camera. We  have the ability to add a back-up camera to both the Ford Econoline and Ford Transit Vans. One nice way to install a back-up camera is to pair it with a new large screen stereo from Pioneer or Alpine. We have installed these options for previous clients with very nice results. Some of the additional features you can get are Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and Navigation. If you are interested in any of these options, just let us know and we can fill you in on all the details.

Trailer Hitches and Towing Capacity

More than a few of our clients have asked about towing with the Ford Econoline and Ford Transit. Both models of vans have the ability to have a trailer hitch installed with a bolt on style hitch. 

Towing Capacity:

Transit 150 Mid Roof 10 Passenger - max towing capacity 4,600

Transit 350 Mid Roof 15 Passenger - max towing capacity 4,100

Econoline 150 8 Passenger - max towing capacity 6,500

Econoline 350 15 Passenger - max towing capacity 7,200

Additional Equipment

Here at Enterprise Van Sales, we have the ability to add equipment to your used passenger van. If you would like an upgraded entertainment system to include Bluetooth connectivity or a rear view back-up camera we can have them installed as part of the purchase of your van. We can also have back up proximity sensors installed. Along with an upgraded radio, we can also install a rear entertainment screen so that your passengers can watch movies or any other program they want. If any of these items are of interest to you, please ask your sales rep for details.

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